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Helen Lewis, journalist and author of Difficult Women, wrote this article in 2021, about the artist Artemisia Gentlischi. Read the article.
Nancy Langham-Hooper interviewed Sarah Williamson of Art Activist Barbie fame. Read the article.
Jane Howard – director of The Conversation, specialises in women in the arts. In 2019 she wrote this article: All I want to see is more bad art by women. Read the article.
Caitlin Moran – journalist wrote this in 2021. 'I’m 46 and I’ve seen enough male art'. Read the article.
Arifa Akbar, Arts correspondent The Independent, theatre correspondent Guardian. Women war artists who were written out of history. Read the article.
Katy Hessel, Why do we still define female artists as wives, friends and muses? Read the article 

Helpful websites

Women in art, Tate
Some facts and figures from the National Museum for women in the arts, a museum dedicated to women’s art, Washington, something for us in the UK to aspire to!
Facts and figures from NMWA
Become a friend of the UK branch of NMWA
Katy Hessel's instagram account: The Great Women Artists podcast, is a must-listen. 
Jennifer Higgie, The Mirror and the Palette
Fabulous book about women’s self portraits down the ages. Buy the book.
Catherine McCormack, Women in the Picture
A an in-depth and disturbing analysis of how women have been depicted in art. Buy the book

Katy Hessel, The Story of Art Without Men. A much-needed alternative version of The Story of Art (without women) by E Gombrich. 
Linda Nochlin, Why have there been no great women artists? An updated version of the seminal essay written in the 70s, explaining the context in which women had to paint over the centuries. 

PL Henderson, Unravelling Women's Art. 

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