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Our mission

Our Aim

The Aim of AFABA is to persuade the government to change its diversity policy to require the galleries and museums it funds to increase diversity in their collections and exhibitions.

We aim to achieve this by the end of 2025, or earlier.

The policy would require galleries to:

Have a diversity strategy, with targets for increasing the number and proportion of artworks by women, and a clear plan to achieve those targets.​

Review their current artworks for diversity in representation and cultural sensitivity, engaging the public in the process.

Ensure collections are set in context, including commentary about the reasons for certain groups being underrepresented or depicted in certain ways.

Plan special exhibitions to reflect the demographic profile of their audiences.

Increase public engagement generally, in commentating about artworks and exhibitions.

Have transparent acquisition policies that aim to increase diversity of their collections.

Review the practice of accepting bequests, aiming at a clear and transparent policy which includes criteria around diversity.

by 2025

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